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Results are in of the Handy Magazine review of the EZ Shelf Closet System, and 97% of the testers recommended the product, with several calling it the “best shelf ever.”

EZ Shelf closet shelving expands to fit any storage space, meaning NO CUTTING of wires or complicated measuring.

“This shelving unit was quick and easy to install,” said Handy Magazine Reviewer Shawn. “It is very strong and hold a great amount of weight. I like that it can be mounted to multiple walls and this adds to the strength and versatility of the product.”

EZ Shelf closet shelving is also super-strong, as Shawn says, supporting weights of up to 200 pounds per shelf without securing to a stud. Wire shelving, by comparison, can hold about 80 pounds per shelf, and some customers have had trouble with wire shelving falling out of the wire. EZ Shelf is made of expandable STEEL TUBES, not wire, a material that will not become sticky or rusty over time.

Doug, another Handy Magazine reviewer, had this to say about EZ Shelf closet shelving: “The solid construction and design flexibility allowing installation in many different configurations are great features. The ease and quickness of installation is a great plus for all levels of DIY’ers.”

Wire closet organizers are often difficult to install, requiring cutting of wires and many pieces. EZ Shelf, however, has minimal amount of small pieces and does not require cutting. EZ Shelf closet shelving can be installed by one person in under thirty minutes, as evidenced by Brandon, an eight- year-old boy who installed it in this video.

“This Ez Shelf was so easy to put up right from the box. It’s also real strong when you put all of your clothes on the rack it does not sag. I’m using mine in laundry room and buying more for all of my closets. It’s really nice to be able to adjust without cutting the rack. I would recommend to all my family and friends. I give this product an EXCELLENT RATING.” –Frank, Handy Magazine Reviewer.

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