All of our products are made of tubes that can be expanded out to fit inside into the space, like an expandable mop handle. The tubes are made of steel, allowing them to support large amounts of weight.

End Brackets

The tubes are inserted into tube receivers which are included in each kit. These tube receivers can be mounted to the sidewall (like the side of a closet) but cannot be mounted to the back wall. So if a customer would like to end his unit without a sidewall, he should purchase an end bracket. The end bracket snaps right onto the tube receiver, and are mounted to the back wall for a floating shelf. End brackets are also used when joining two shelves together, joining a shelf unit with a rod and shelf unit, or when making a corner. Check the picture below. The top closet shelf & rod uses no end brackets (what you see in the middle is a center support), but the middle and bottom two shelves use end brackets.
closet shelving
In the above image, the middle row uses an end bracket to connect a rod and shelf unit with a shelf unit. The bottom two rows use an end bracket to end the shelf before the sidewall.



End Brackets can be used on either side of the unit, left or right. It does not matter which use you will be using the End Bracket for (joining shelves together, making a corner, ending shelf without sidewall) it is always the same End Bracket. However, there is an End Bracket for shelf units and an End Bracket for Closet Shelf & Rod units, so be sure to select the one you need. When connecting a shelf unit with a rod and shelf unit, a Closet Shelf & Rod End Bracket is needed.


There are 2 styles of our products: The Closet Shelf & Rod and The Shelf. The Closet Shelf & Rod is a shelf on top, with a rod for hanging clothes that runs below the shelf. The Shelf is just a shelf: it does not have a rod for hanging clothes. All orders, including our kits, are either closet shelf & rod units, shelf only units, or combinations of the two.


All shelves and closet shelves & rods are 12” deep and 12″ in height.

For the expandable width, there are 3 main sizes (this is for both shelf and closet rod and shelf, because the tubes are the same no matter which is purchased.) We call them Large, (expands 40”-73”) Small, (expands 28”-48”), and Mini (expands 17”-28”). Adding an end bracket will add an inch onto the width, which is why some items are listed at slightly different widths than others. So, for example, a person with a 65” closet would order a Large Closet Shelf & Rod to fit across the top of the closet and hang clothes.

For longer widths, customers can join any two units together, but he must purchase an end bracket to snap them together. End brackets are used to end a shelf or shelf/rod before the sidewall, join two units together, or to create a corner.


A corner is created by extending one unit to the sidewall, and beginning a second unit right next to the first. 1 End Bracket is used for each corner. This End Bracket allows the second unit to be mounted to the back wall. The second unit cannot be mounted to the sidewall, or side of the closet, because the first unit is in the way. The below picture demonstrates this.


The first unit here is extended all the way to the sidewall, while the second unit begins next to it, forming a corner. The second unit uses an end bracket to mount to the back wall.
garage shelving

There are two colors, white and silver. However, we currently do not have mini (17”-27”) shelves or shelf & rod units in silver.

Space between Tubes

Since our products are made up of expandable steel tubing, there are spaces between the tubes where small objects can fall through. Shelf topper will be available sometime in 2015, which snaps onto the center tube and covers the entire top of the shelf.


What is Included

Drywall anchors and screws are included in all purchases, so most customers do not need to purchase any hardware. Small and Large Shelves and Rod/shelves include a center support that is mounted to the back wall and keeps it from sagging with heavy loads (we guarantee 200 lbs.) The kit also includes instructions and templates to help with installation.

So a customer who is looking to purchase a single order has 4 decisions to make:

  1. Do I want white or silver?
  2. Do I want a closet shelf & rod or a shelf?
  3. Do I need end bracket(s) to mount to the back wall or join two together?
  4. Do I need Mini, Small or Large?


Other Options

We also list several options for closet organizers and garage organizers. The closet organizers are made up of a combination of closet shelf & rod units and shelves. Our most popular purchase in this category is the walk-in closet kit, which includes 5 closet shelf & rod units and 4 end brackets, allowing customers to design their own closet, create corners, and have up to 30 feet of space for hanging.

The garage organizers are always made of up large shelves with 2 end brackets, and an extra center support is included for the expected heavy loads. The end brackets make them modular and able to be hung in the garage or to make a corner. Our largest garage kit is the 4-pack, which includes 4 Garage Shelves, 8 Center Supports, and 8 End Brackets.