Bob Vila, the popular television host and blogger, has recommended EZ Shelf closet organizers and garage organizers for the expandability, flexibility and style. See the full article written by Donna Boyle Schwartz of Bobvila.com here.

Features of EZ Shelf closet systems include their ease of installation, averaging under 30 minutes per unit.

The article also praises the system’s usefulness. “With EZ Shelf, just about anyone, even novice do-it-yourselfers, can incorporate truly useful, durable, and stylish storage into their homes, quickly and easily,” it says.

Once installed, each EZ Shelf unit is guaranteed for life at weights up to 200 pounds, and without the need for studs. “You can always be safe in the assumption that your EZ Shelf installation isn’t going to fail unexpectedly.” EZ Shelf products are made with a unique steel construction capable of holding much higher weights than any other closet system on the market. Most wire shelving systems are only guaranteed to hold 60 or 80 pounds, and many of our customers have switched to EZ Shelf after their wire system unexpectedly collapsed.

“EZ Shelf expandable closet systems and garage organizers are the first economical alternative to wire shelving that has come out in the past 50 years,” said our president David Jablow. “So many people don’t like wire shelving – it is cheap and difficult to clean. So we asked a design team to help us design an aesthetically pleasing, modern looking shelving system that is still affordable and can be installed by anyone.”

EZ Shelf products are available in both white and silver, with a beautiful wood finish coming out in 2016. Customers overwhelmingly favor white in the closet and silver in the garage although both colors are available for any space needed. In addition to closet storage and garage storage, EZ Shelf can also be used as office shelving, laundry room shelving, mudroom shelving, basement shelving, or anywhere else where an extra shelf is needed.


“Installation couldn’t be more straightforward,” the article says. “As each shelving unit expands, with no cutting, no complicated measuring, and no drilling (drywall) required.”