Regrettably, the wonderful warm and restful months of summer are drawing to a close and that means it’s about time to hit the books again. For many adults this will mean nothing, and for many parents this means that a time of absolute bliss is approaching. If you are a teacher however, it means that you need to start preparing for that time of year when students begin pouring back into your classroom, and while that might sound like a challenge, we can make it less so with the right closet design ideas. There is a certain way that you will need to go about this, and we are going to start by discussing the need for good shelving in your closets.

The Best Closet Design Ideas for Classrooms

expandable closet organizerIf there is one thing that you have in any preschool classrooms, it is a severe lack of storage space. You have supplies, you need to put them somewhere, and the back of the room isn’t really going to be an option. If you have a closet then you can definitely use our expandable closet organizer to keep all of your items in order, and it’s not nearly as difficult or as complex as you might be thinking. You can utilize our shelving to bring a more orderly aspect to what would otherwise be absolute chaos.

Now when most people think of installing shelves in their closet they think of a long, arduous process of having to cut and measure, or even find a stud. Don’t worry, with our expandable walk in closet kit, this is all going to be a thing of the past!

The Closet you Need When you Need It

You don’t want spend time cutting, measuring, or nailing, and if you’re working in a preschool classroom there is a good chance that you’re not allowed to make permanent modifications, which is where our product comes into the mix. Instead of drilling, nailing or screwing, you can simply install these shelves into your closet with a few steps. What we have here are expandable closet shelves, meaning they expand to the size of the closet.

The tubing allows for a telescopic action, and it will simply brace from wall to wall – it really is an amazing innovation that you’re going to absolutely love. This is perfect for a walk in closet design, for a simple reach in closet. That being said, our product is going to be outstanding for these situations and definitely something you should consider when you’re getting ready to get back into the school rush.

EZ ShelfOn top of being expandable and a true ‘one size fits all’ solution, you are going to find that these shelves have amazing capacity. Other shelves of similar type will need a stud to anchor to in order to have any sort of capacity, but these, on the other hand are able to support up to 250 lbs with just the standard setup. As you can see, this is a great solution or classrooms and one that you should definitely consider as a teacher.

Your classroom will most definitely benefit from this amazing shelving technology for a few reasons. First of all you’re going to find that it’s a great way to keep supplies in order, and if you really want to take it to the next level you could set up an area in which students can hang their coats. All in all, this is a solution that is going to make your room flow better and it will serve to make your students a lot happier.

Finally, it will make your life easier and when it comes to the teaching profession, that’s one of the only things that matters. Take a look at this and our other products – you never know just what you might find or how it will improve the flow of your classroom.