It seems that in each and every home, there’s a junk drawer. This drawer tends to collect everything that we have no idea where to put. If we become really disorganized, we could end up with a junk closet as well. You don’t want your coat closet to become a breeding ground for everything that anyone in the family doesn’t have a place for, you need a plan.

When guests come over, make sure that your coat closet is a place of organization (and a place that coats can be hung!) You can use some simple closet organization systems so that everything has a place.

Have A Place For Outdoor Items

Do the kids often play basketball, yet you find the ball in various places? You can solve that problem with a dedicated bucket in the closet for outdoor sports equipment and games. Then, the kids can just pull it out and grab what they need. They’ll have a dedicated spot where they know to put their things back.

Keep Shoes At Bay

Shoes can become a real problem in the room where you enter the home. If you have a spot where shoes can be kept and found easily, everyone in the family will be more likely to use it. Get a shoe organizer for your closet and solve a lot of problems.

Install An Adequate Amount Of Shelving

If you have enough shelving in a closet, there will be plenty of places to store things and keep them organized. One shelf per storage purpose in a closet is a good rule of thumb.

EZ Shelf is the place to get closet organization systems to help get you and your home organized. Check out all that we have to offer and declutter your home for good. We say that everything deserves its place!