Wire closet shelving systems are known for being flimsy, weak, and even for falling out of the wall after a few years. EZ Shelf steel closet shelving fixes this problem and revolutionizes the closet shelving industry.

EZ Shelf closet systems are made with high-strength steel and molded plastic parts – NO WIRES! All EZ Shelf closet shelving is guaranteed to hold weights up to 200 pounds, and that is without the need to secure to a stud. The high-powered anchors are drilled right into the drywall. And these anchors are included – no additional pieces are needed for EZ Shelf – everything is included in the box.

EZ Shelf shelving comes with a lifetime guarantee. Contractors, no more callbacks for flimsy wire shelving falling out of the walls.

Anyone can install the EZ Shelf closet system in under 30 minutes – Brandon proves that when he installs one when he is eight years old!

“Made of steel this is the strongest, most durable closet organizer I’ve ever seen. The steel tube expands out from 40 inches to 73 inches. The box comes with 6 tubes, 1 center bracket and 2 ends. Installation can be done with one person but it’s easier with two. It took me about 30 minutes to install it by myself. Once you install the center bracket the two ends are easy to setup. If one of the ends is not attached to a wall, then you need to order an end bracket to provide support. It’s amazing that the shelves can support up to 200 lbs. I’m not going to test it out but it sure feels strong. You can install this almost anywhere you need shelving. It’s not just for the closet. I highly recommend this shelve and also watch the video for easy install instructions” –Vu Nguyen, Amazon customer


“TheBestClosetOrganizer are the best at what they do. I just got this closet today and install it in less than 15 minutes. This closet is for people that’s looking for a long lasting, easy to install, durable, and ADJUSTABLE closet. Folks it’s a very sexy closet rod, I weigh about 160 pound and I was able to do 15 pull-ups on them and that said something for a closet rod. If you don’t have a big enough closet you can just install it on your wall and put your shoes and boxes on top, that’s what I did. This money was well spent.” –Desgardins Rock, Amazon Customer