EZ Shelf closet shelving and garage shelving has sold tremendously in its first three weeks at the Boynton Beach Lowes store, with sales totaling over $3000.

Customers are loving the new alternative to wire shelving systems. Each EZ Shelf closet system can hold up to 200 pounds without securing to a stud and does not mildew or have a “sticky” feel after a few years installed.

“You definitely have a better mousetrap,” one customer told me on Sunday. “As soon as I saw this I knew I’d be using this, not wire shelving, in our new home. It is so great being able to see it installed in the store. Much easier for me than seeing it online.”

The new display is on the end of the storage and organization aisle, near the wire shelving and the wood shelving for the home.

Customers can choose from closet shelf & rod units, both Large and Small, a shelf only unit, a walk-in closet organizer kit, and an expandable garage shelf.

For a new home or large closet, the walk-in closet kit is the best option. An entire walk-in closet can be organized with this kit for $288.88, representing a 33% discount off of individual units.

“We started tearing the old closet apart at 6pm,” one Amazon customer said about the walk-in closet kit. “Removed all of the clothes, old shelving, make shift shelves and cleaned up a little. We read the EZ shelf install guide and start measuring everything out. Our closet was about 60″ wide and 60″ deep. We utilized two of the three walls the third wall isn’t deep enough for the 12 inch shelf. Install was a breeze! The drywall kit was the greatest thing ever. I’m going to buy them to hang non stud items from now on! The non-walled end links were the trickiest part of the install when making corners, but it was very doable. We had the whole closet done and clothes back in by 10pm.”

EZ Shelf products will install in under 20 minutes per unit, as evidenced by our installation videos. These videos play on continuous loop next to the Lowes display. Customers can also play with the expandability with an installed rod and shelf unit on display at Lowes.


“It’s great to see a local company in our local Lowes shop,” one customer said to me at the store. “Once you said you were made in Delray Beach, I was sold.”