Have you ever seen that episode of ‘Friends’ where they finally reveal what’s behind that green door in Monica’s apartment? If you haven’t seen it, we’ll clue you in: it was a mess. The joke was more metaphorical than anything, but on the surface it revealed that the rest of the apartment was perfectly clean while that one area was a complete disaster. Let’s look past the metaphor for a moment and discuss the similarities between Monica’s closet and the closet in the average home.

To put it lightly, it’s a pretty common scene, especially given the default nature of the average closet. It’s just a recessed spot in your home that allows you to store items in no particular order. If you open your closet right now, how many items are on the floor? How many are in assorted boxes? If we had to guess, we’d say that the only thing resembling organization is the clothes rack, and even that is a bit questionable. That being said, you need some way to bring organization into your life, particularly closet design ideas that you can actually use. This is where a good expandable walk in closet kit will come in handy!

Expanding the Limits of your Closet

So we will start by saying that there is a LOT of room in your closet and the majority of it is going to be either unused space, or at least inefficiently used space. If you’re like most, then you have a lot of stuff at the bottom, nothing in the middle, and that’s just not going to work as a long term solution. If you want to bring some functionality to your closet, you’re going to need shelves.

The Shelving Solution

You may have thought about installing shelves in you closet but it’s honestly an exhausting task, and you normally need to find a wall that is capable of bearing the load. If you can’t, then you’re simply out of luck. The shelving systems that we offer, however, tell an entirely different story.

The first thing that you are going to notice about our expandable closet organizer is that you don’t need to find a stud, and you don’t need to anchor the ends to a wall. All you need is a little bit of imagination, and a screwdriver. Additionally, you don’t actually need to get a friend to help you; you can install this thing all on your own, and it won’t take more than an hour. Of course, you’ll probably want to take it a bit further than just the clothes rack.

Closet organization systems bring much more to the table than just a place to hang your clothes. You will find shoe racks, and other shelving solutions that you can use to hold any number of items from your room or your home. Of course, it doesn’t have to end with just bedroom items. These shelving systems can be installed in:

  •       * Play Rooms
  •       * Offices
  •       * Computer Rooms
  •       * Hall Closets
  •       * And much more

With so many options available to you, these closet systems will bring organization to not only storage space, but also your life. Let’s face it, closet organizing has never been quite this easy.

A Look Around Your Life


If you’re not convinced just yet, take a look around your life, as it were. Clutter is a fact of any life, no matter who you are, and with that being the case, you need to find a way to bring it heel, as they say. A closet organization system can easily help to get the clutter off the floor and into the closet rather quickly. If you want, you can even go so far as to use plastic totes in order to make your ‘mess’ a little bit more organized.

The bottom line here, is that once you have a good customizable closet system in play, you’ll be able to organize however you wish, and most importantly, you’ll find that most of the organization systems available are able to support up to 200 lbs without being anchored to a stud. If that’s not exciting, then we don’t know what is.

When you’re setting up your system there are lots of closet design ideas that you can use. You can place your shelves anywhere, and in any order you choose, you’re in no way restricted to diagrams or suggestions. Make your closet your own, and of course, make your life a little more organized.