There are plenty of closet organizers available, and choosing the best closet shelving system can be challenging.

Many are familiar with wire shelving systems, as they have been the most affordable option for many years. But so many don’t really like wire shelving. Why is that and what is wire shelving?

Wire shelving was invented in the 1960’s in Delray Beach FL. It was made by a few manufacturers of similar thin wire steel that was originally used in refrigerators for shelves. For the last 50 years it has been the cheapest form of shelving for residential closets and garages and commercial projects. Usually they are available in white or gray in color, and they are often coated with a vinyl material which can make for a sticky shelf after a period of time.

While the cheapest, using wire shelves in closets and garages has many drawbacks.

Wire Shelving Drawbacks Include:

  • Difficulty & lengthy Installation due to having to measure exactly and having to cut the shelving to precisely the right length.
  • Increased risk of mistakes and accidents due to having to cut the wire shelves which will also have sharp edges once cut.
  • Need for additional tools, including either a wire cutter or hacksaw and a drill for installing the anchors that require drilling.
  • Need for more than 1 person to install due to flimsy wire and possibly long lengths.
  • Lots of small pieces – wire shelving typically has about 50% more smaller pieces than other shelving systems.
  • Having to secure wire shelving to studs due to poor quality anchors and lightweight flimsy wire.
  • Difficulty in Cleaning due to attraction of dirt and dust to small thin wire pieces, and sticky coating on wire.

To summarize, cutting of wire shelves can be difficult for the average DIYer, or professional contractor taking additional time and requiring more tools. In addition, the measurements of the closet must be exact, or the shelving will not fit properly. Finally, wire closet systems are not strong, and have even been known to fall out of the wall on numerous occasions.

Overall, wire shelving units, while cheap, are not the best quality or value for closet and garage organizers nor are they the best shelving systems in the market today.

EZ SHELF systems solve several of the problems with wire shelving mentioned above. EZ Shelf shelves are made of high strength steel tubesNOT wire, and they EXPAND, which eliminates the need for cutting and exact measuring. These high strength steel tubes also eliminate the sticky shelving problem as well as the strength issue, and also solve the problem with cleaning. While wire systems can usually hold only 80 pounds, the EZ SHELF closet organizers are guaranteed to hold up to 200 pounds of weight WITHOUT SECURING TO A STUD, and the EZ Shelf Garage Shelves hold up to 250lbs WITHOUT securing to a stud. The installation for EZ SHELF products has been known to take 50 percent less time than wire shelving units.

Many closet and garage customers have purchased our systems because of the features and benefits of EZ SHELF products and the problems they have previously had with wire shelving.

Price? EZ SHELF is competitively priced with most wire shelving systems, and since all products are guaranteed for life, customers can save overall by not having to replace their closet organizers.

Finally all EZ Shelf products are Made in USA Certified.