EZ Shelf Instructions

WATCH 2 Installation videos BEFORE Installation: www.ezshelf.com/videos

Included Plastic Parts

Tube Receivers – Left and Right 1 – Center Support 1 – End Bracket (use is optional)

Left shown

End Bracket will NOT be used if installing between two sidewalls (sides of a closet).

Note: If installing into a tight space insert ALL tubes into both left and right Tube Receivers BEFORE step 1.
The tubes will NOT fit into a tight space once the brackets are mounted to the wall.

Mounting Tube Receiver to Sidewall
1. Measure & Mark Sidewall from floor up
Suggested Shelf Heights: Single Hanging: 60-80” from floor to top of shelf. Double Hanging: 80-84” from floor to top shelf & 40-42” for bottom shelf.

2. Tape Tube Receiver Template to sidewall – Must be Level.

3. Mark Four Screw Holes with Pencil.
Note: Tube Receiver Installation: Large Holes MUST be on Top & Small, Protruding TAB MUST touch back wall (see below).
Left Tube Receiver

4. CHECK FOR STUDS–Push nail/screw into drywall-If it doesn’t go all the way in you may be hitting a stud or other object.

5. Drywall Anchor Instructions- Drill/poke a small hole into wall. Push TIP ONLY of Anchor into drywall & Screw in plastic anchors (see drywall anchor pictures below). Use screwdriver/electric drill (on LOW setting – do NOT over tighten).
Note: EZ Shelf will hold 200 lbs. WITHOUT securing to studs.
Do NOT use included anchors when:
• You HIT A STUD: Drill “pilot” hole into stud & attach screw directly to stud.
• PLASTER WALLS: Drill “pilot” hole – Use plastic or lead anchors & appropriate screws.
• CONCRETE WALLS: Drill “pilot” hole (may need hammer drill) -Use concrete anchors/screws.

Drywall Anchor & Screw Installation Diagrams (see ezshelf.com/videos for more information):

6. Insert Back Tube (closest to back wall) into installed Tube Receiver (use hammer or mallet if necessary).
7. If using an End Bracket, follow steps 15-22 for End Bracket Installation.

8. Attach Back Tube to other Tube Receiver and Extend to opposite sidewall.

9. Place Level on Back Tube & then also on Tube Receiver – Must be level – Mark Holes on wall with pencil.

10. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 above (from page 1)

11. Insert 4 other Top Tubes into both Tube Receivers. Do NOT insert Hanging Rod tube (Bottom of “L”) until after step 13.

12. Twist both ends of tubes until fully secured.

13. Place Center Support so the tubes rest in the slots (preferably thicker part of tubes). To make sure Center Support contacts ALL Tubes – Push center support UP from Bottom. Then Mark Holes on Back Wall.

14. Attach Center Support using anchors and screws (see steps 4-5 on page 1).

Installing with only 1 Side Wall – PLEASE SEE VIDEO 2 at www.ezshelf.com/videos
Mount 1 Tube Receiver on Side Wall using steps 1 – 6 – One Optional End Bracket is included for use when:
Ending Unit WITHOUT a side wall. Joining 2 units together. Forming a corner with another unit.
If you have NO Side Walls, a 2nd End Bracket Must be purchased.
15. Snap Tube Receiver into appropriate side of End Bracket. Hold End Bracket up to wall to ensure that the correct Tube Receiver is snapped in and the shelf will extend in the correct direction

16. Place Bolts into End Bracket holes on the outside of the End Bracket.

17. Thread nuts on the bolts and turn them a few times with your fingers.

18. Tighten nuts & bolts with a manual or electric screwdriver until snug.

19. Attach Back Tube to other Tube Receiver (which is attached to End Bracket).

20. Place Level on Back Tube & also on Tube Receiver/End Bracket–Must be level – Mark Holes on wall with pencil.

21. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 (page 1).

22. Repeat steps 10-13

23. Insert Tube for Hanging Rod into both Tube Receivers.