Laundry Room Closet ShelvesThere are many areas in your home that will be seen by visitors and guests on a regular basis, but then there are those few tucked away, never to be seen by human eyes except for on the very rare occasions. The big one that we’re talking about today of course is the laundry room and you’ve got a pile of nasty secretes in there that you don’t want anyone to find out about.

It shouldn’t be that much of a surprise to anyone, but one of the biggest problems that you’re going to face in the laundry room is storage. Where are you going to keep all of that stuff? You have detergents, you have cleaning supplies, you have dryer sheets, and all manner of other items that simply do not have a home.

Let’s be honest, if you aren’t sure where to put something, it more often than not ends up right on top of the dryer, and while that might be amusing for a time, there is going to come a point when you just want to see the top of your dryer again, and most importantly use it as intended. It shouldn’t be a catch all for every single loose item in your life, and this is where laundry room closet shelves come into play.

Using Laundry Room Closet Shelves

It’s hard for us to describe just how important it is to make sure you have a good storage setup in your laundry room. You need somewhere to keep those extra items that tend to float around, and EZ Shelf has some amazing hardware for you. Don’t worry, it’s nowhere near conventional.

Getting Away from Convention

When you think of laundry room shelves there are a few things that tend to come to mind, the first being the typical shelving systems that absolutely need to be attached to a stud in order to work properly. This type of shelving works, but there are a few things you aren’t going to like.

First of all, it does need a stud which limits your placement, and secondly, it doesn’t look great. Wooden shelves whether handmade or store bought need to be properly braced to the wall, and we’re going to level with you here: the bracing doesn’t look that good. Don’t worry, EZ Shelf has a great solution in mind.

Why EZ Shelf?

Closet ShelvesWhen you’re looking for closet shelves there are a few features that you’re in the market for and we firmly believe that our shelves meet those needs, and perhaps introduce a few that you didn’t even know you were looking for. Whether you’re looking for bedroom closet shelves, bathroom closet shelves, or laundry room closet shelves, our product is going to blow you away:

  • Ease of Installation – You don’t have to be an expert to complete the installation, and that is perhaps one of the most immediate benefits of using our product.
  • No Studs! – You don’t need to attach our shelving units to a stud in order to obtain the full benefit of the 200 lb weigh limit; isn’t that quite the surprise?
  • Modular Design – Need more shelf space? Absolutely no problem? Our product is modular, meaning you can simply attach another shelf to the unit and expand your space as far as you wish!
  • Expandable – In the event you find yourself need more space but don’t want to add another shelf, these telescoping shelves can be expanded far enough to give you that advantage while saving you money.

These are four benefits you’re going to absolutely fall in love with, and when your laundry room starts to look more organized, you’re definitely going to thank us. When it comes to outfitting your laundry room you need to consider many different things.

Affordable closet shelving in this space can make it much easier to promote safety by allowing you to keep chemicals out of reach of children, and of course it will make it much easier to find the supplies you need to keep your laundry room running smoothly. Take a quick look at everything we have to offer and get your laundry room up and running again – or at least make it less cluttered.