Closet ShelvingThe time for spring cleaning has passed, as you’ve probably noticed by this point, and now we’re at a time of year when you’re going to find yourself stuck in your house quite a bit as snow falls on the ground and surrounds the area. If you can’t go outside there is a good chance that you’re going to find yourself looking at projects to complete inside and there are a ton of those! Maybe you want to replace your cabinets, or perhaps you want to lay down some new carpet.

If none of that seems appealing to you, then why not take a look at your closet shelves? What you may not realize, is that they can always be replaced and they can definitely be switched out with something better. Affordable closet shelving can make all the difference in the world if you let it, so let’s examine some of the ways that affordable closet shelving from EZ Shelf can be an improvement over what you currently have.

Exploring Affordable Closet Shelving

Wooden shelves are perfectly fine when installed in the average closet, to say the least, but there are a few problems with them. First of all, they need to be anchored into a stud at three different points if they are to be effective. The biggest problem that wooden shelves present is load balancing, especially when people install them using just two support points. It will work for a time but longer shelves will begin to buckle in the center if not snap entirely under the weight.

The second issue with the typical wood shelving solution is the installation: you would need to make sure that your wooden shelves are cut to fit the closet. If these shelves were already there when you moved in then you had little say in how they were designed, meaning you’re going to either be happy with them, or not. That’s a 50/50 chance and if you’re here reading this then we’re going to assume you fell on the other side of the coin. That being said, customized closet shelves might be what you’re looking for.

So what is it that sets the EZ shelf solution we offer in our online store apart from other durable closet shelves on the market today? A few things, actually. EZ shelf’s solutions are able to be expanded rather than cut, meaning you can put the circular saw away and focus on what matters. Whether you’re using walk in closet shelving systems or just durable closet shelves, these will literally expand to the length of your space, and if you find that they’re just not long enough, you can always add on to them! It’s a modular system that you won’t regret using anytime soon.

The Weight of the Situation

Affordable Closet ShelvingWhenever you install a shelving system one of the primary things you’ll be worried about is weight and we can’t really blame you. All shelves have a weight limit and while EZ Shelves products are no different, you will find that they have a significantly higher capacity than others, even if they are not properly secured into a stud. Try finding that kind of value with any other company’s product, we’ll wait.

If you’re planning a remodel during the winter months, then you couldn’t have chosen anything better than EZ Shelf. Now would be a great time to start looking into our products, just before it starts to get cold. The best part is that with the ease of installation this thing provides, you’re going to find that your closet project is over much faster than you anticipated and you’ll be moving onto something else entirely.

Who knows what else you’ll get done around the house with this amazing ease of installation? We’re pretty sure you’re going to find something else to do, and you’ll have a result that you can enjoy for many years to come, even if you find you need to add on to it.