lowes display oct 1

Shoppers at Boynton Beach Lowes are wowed by the new EZ Shelf closet shelving and garage shelving display at the end of the closet organization aisle.

“I’m going to buy one,” one customer said. “I love the ingenuity of this shelving system. So much more efficient than wire shelving. I love to see new ideas make it into retail stores like Lowes.”

Lowes employees are also impressed by EZ Shelf expandable closet shelving and garage shelving, with several already telling me they want to install it in their own homes.

Five products are available at the Boynton Beach Lowes store, with 15 additional items available on Lowes.com where customers all over the country browse, purchase, and design their own custom closet designs.

The five products available at the store include the 40”-73” expandable closet shelf with a closet rod, the 28”-48” expandable closet shelf with a closet rod, the 40”-75” expandable shelf, the 40”-75” heavy-duty garage shelf, and the expandable walk-in closet organizer system, so far the most popular item at the store.

The display also includes a looping DVD of our installation video where a passerby can see how easy it really is to install the EZ Shelf closet system. Customers are especially impressed to see eight-year-old Brandon complete the installation without any assistance at all.

Also on display is a sample EZ Shelf Closet Shelf and Rod unit which can actually be pulled apart, demonstrating the expandability of the closet shelf.

“We are the first economical alternative to wire shelving available at Lowes,” said David Jablow, president of EZ Shelf. “We provide the consumer with an upgrade – a strong, sturdy, better looking, easier to install system that can still be put up without hiring an expensive closet installing company. Our products are great in South Florida, where the humidity often causes the wire shelving to become old and sticky after just a few years. Our products have a lifetime guarantee and will not rust or mildew.”