Getting your closet ready for summer is always going to be a challenge but with the right closet organizer it doesn’t need to be the nightmare that it normally is. There are a few standard tips you will want to follow for making sure yours is ready, which we’ll go over shortly. The first, and most important thing to note perhaps it that summer is a significant event – a changing of the seasons, and a time to break out the lighter clothing.


You can finally put away the winter coats and enjoy the comfort of skirts, shorts, sandals, t-shirts, and most importantly, it’s time to show off who you are, rather than making people wonder what you look like underneath ten layers of clothing. That sounds pretty special, doesn’t it? If you really want to enjoy it, you’ll need to take advantage of our expandable closet organizer.

Going Into the Closet

The most important thing is easy access to your clothing and other summer items, and if you have a standard reach in closet, that’s going to be easier than you think. Your first, and most important task will be to set aside an area for your winter clothes, and if you don’t want to store them in the attic, you can easily make space within your existing closet for them.


One of the greatest things about our closet organizing system is that it is able to hold up to 200 lbs without anchoring into a stud, which makes it absolutely perfect for holding totes full of your currently unused clothing. You can place them on the top shelf, or in the bottom of the closet – whichever suits you best.


As you look for closet design ideas consider how important shoes are during this time of year! You’re casting off the heavy winter boots and finally pulling out the lighter tennis shoes, or even the sandals. You can use our organization system to create a space, or a shelf, specifically for your line up of summer foot apparel, and it will be very easy to access, which is perhaps the most important thing of all.


Finally, consider that you’ll be needing a space for all of the clothes that you can’t hang up. Fleece, for example, isn’t a type of clothing that you can place on a hangar as it will stretch out. A closet shelving system will allow you to designate areas for such clothing where you can fold it, store it, and access it wherever you need it. With a good organization system in place, you won’t even need a dresser, and that’s a great way to free up real estate in your room.


You will be able to set up a plethora of different shelves within your closet, all of which have an entirely different purpose, and the most important thing, is that you will be able to get organized. One of the biggest problems with closets, is that while they offer a lot of space, they often fail to provide us a way to take full advantage of that space. Unless you want everything simply sitting at the bottom, waiting for you to go through it, you’re going to need a good organization system.

Install an Affordable Closet Organizer Yourself

There are many organization systems out there for you to try, but let’s be honest, they take a lot of work to get installed, and many of them aren’t going to make the grade, so to speak. They either take more than one person to install, or they don’t hold up to the weight when all is said and done. No matter what the case may be, you need something that is quick, reliable, and will last a long time. EZ shelf has you covered in that regard.