Thinking about flipping a house? Read on.

So you’ve found the perfect house – old, in disrepair, but in a great location and full of charm. You’ve got your money source, your team, your contractor, and you’ve done your homework. With kitchen upgrades, a new floor, a new paint job, and on and on and on….you know you can make a profit on this house, and somebody will get a great new home.

So what else can you do? You really want this home to pop. As your future potential buyers tour the home, what is one more thing that stands out to them?

If there is no furniture, the bedrooms will be empty. But what if the closet wasn’t empty at all?

That is where closet shelving comes in. Imagine a couple, looking for their first real home. They’ve toured maybe twenty homes already. At the end of the search, they will go through their notes and think…

“I really liked the ones that were in a great location. So many of them looked so much alike. Honey, what was that one where the closet organizers were already in? That would make the move so much easier for us.”

EZ Shelf is a huge upgrade from traditional wire shelving. It is sturdy, easy to clean, better looking, and will not rust, mildew, or become sticky over time. As a DIY product, you as a house flipper can be confident that ANY contractor you are working with can install an EZ Shelf closet system in under 30 minutes. Since speed is such an important part of profitability in house flipping, the ease of installation of EZ Shelf closet organizers is crucial. Your labor costs could go down from all the time save with our system versus using wire shelving systems.

EZ Shelf is the only economical alternative to wire shelving for house flippers and new home buyers. The shelves are made of expandable steel tubes and molded plastic parts that will adjust to fit the length of your new closet. Whether you have a walk-in closet organizer, reach-in closet organizer, linen closet, pantry, or need storage in your garage, our shelving systems are the best value on the market. EZ Shelf can be purchased right here at or through our partner sites Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, Wayfair, Menards (coming soon), and Ebay Lowes.


Not yet convinced? Not sure where to begin? We are here to help! Use the little prompt in the bottom right corner of your screen, and we will help you get started. – completely free and with no obligation, we will help you decide if EZ Shelf is right for you. If online, we will respond right away, and if not, you can except a call or email the very next business day.


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